Google to launch its own app store for Windows games in 2022

Google sneaked a huge announcement in the Game Awards today. We’re still working on all the ramifications of it all, but the company says it plans to bring Google Play Games to Windows in 2022, and it has explicitly confirmed to Android Police that it will happen. include distribution of the game. In short: Google will launch an application store (for games) on Windows next year.

At first we thought this news meant many less because Google Play Games is actually several things. In its simplest form, Google Play Games is an SDK for developers combined with an app for customers. The SDK enables things like backups, profiles, achievements, and social aspects like leaderboards. The correspondent Google Play games app is a consumer’s window on some of these details, with additional tools including their own built-in mini-games, a registration tool, a list of all your titles compatible with Google Play Games for easy installation, and even a catalog of compatible Android titles that you can easily install directly from the app.


The Android app from Google Play Games.

In a sense, this catalog of games, associated with its Play Store integration, type of makes Google Play Games a full-fledged app store within the larger Play ecosystem. But technically speaking, this is just an interface for the Google Play Store itself, simply benefiting from deep integrations. The details of the initial announcement from today’s news also come to highlight the impact on developers and allow gamers to “pick up where they left off out of pocket, on their tablet, on their Chromebook. and on their desktop computer “. All that sounds like it’s just the SDK, right? Wrong. These features will likely always be included, but there’s more to it.

The company has provided Android Police with a statement confirming that the game’s distribution is part of those plans. When asked for more, Google explicitly told us that an App Store comparison for its plans is valid, although it will be just for games.

We will have more to share on the service and the product next year. But what I can say is that this is a new experience that will allow gamers to download and play their favorite Google Play games on their desktop. Google will distribute the app and the games themselves. We’re excited to help anyone who uses Google Play to continue playing on Android-enabled phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows.

More information is coming soon, but 2022 has just gotten a lot more exciting. It may be just for games for now, but Google is launching an app store for Windows. As a potential springboard, it’s enormous.

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