Google Slides joins the billion install club on the Play Store, just two years after PowerPoint

Although some Microsoft Office die-hards will tell you otherwise, Google’s suite of productivity apps is more than enough for most users. Whether you’re a college student working an all-nighter to finish that last-minute 25-page document or tracking your finances with a meticulously edited spreadsheet, one of Drive’s many tools has you covered. Google Slides may not be as popular as Docs or Sheets, but it seems to be slowly catching up.

Slides has finally hit the milestone of one billion installs on the Play Store, suggesting that while slideshows may not be as popular as spreadsheets or documents, they are still very important. It’s the latest in the main “trilogy” of Drive apps to hit that mark, following Google Docs in October 2020 and Google Sheets in July 2021.


Compared to other products from the company, Sheets hasn’t seen any significant changes or innovations recently. Just a few weeks ago, Google removed its Wear OS-based remote for controlling slideshows, silently removing it from the Play Store. Although probably underutilized, it was a nice addition for anyone who regularly gave presentations in offices or classrooms. Google gave the app a Material You overhaul last year, ahead of Android 12’s official launch. It also renamed its ‘Present’ button to ‘Slideshow’, all to prevent users from getting confused. on a button with the same name in Meet.

The billion install club is slowly becoming more crowded than ever. Along with its other productivity tools, Slides joins apps like Telegram, YouTube Music and, yes, Microsoft PowerPoint, the latter of which beat it over two years ago. If you’ve never tried the app, grab it from the Play Store link below.

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