Google restores MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet to Android store after week of ban


Google LLC has restored MetaMask, an Ethereum crypto-asset wallet, to the Android Google Play Store after a week-long ban that began on December 26.

The company behind MetaMask tweeted on New Years Day that Google had revised its stance on the Ethereum wallet app and restored its access to the App Store.

“Good year!” the MetaMask team wrote in the tweet of January 1. “After careful consideration, Google has authorized the return of the MetaMask mobile application to the Google Play store (Android)! Thank you to everyone who believes in an open web for expressing our support! “

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet and decentralized app browser that makes it easy to use distributed ledger blockchain-based apps and games such as “CryptoKitties” and “Gods Unchained”. With the wallet, users can store and access cryptocurrency as well as cryptoassets such as virtual items represented on Ethereum in the form of tokens, such as virtual kittens and playing cards.

When the ban was passed on December 26, Google cited its policy against mining cryptocurrency apps on mobile devices, an activity in which MetaMask is not involved. MetaMask immediately asked Google to review the decision, citing that the app did not violate this policy, but the appeal was immediately dismissed.

“I really hope this is an honest mistake on the part of Google’s evaluators,” said Dan Findlay, lead co-developer of MetaMask. said Cointelegraph at the time. “But in combination with all of YouTube’s crypto bans, it definitely puts me in trouble about how Google engages in decentralization technologies. If people accept this behavior from a mobile monopoly like Google, we can’t deserve it. – not be better. “

The ban followed Google-owned YouTube, which suddenly purged thousands of cryptocurrency-related videos, which the company said was a mistake. At the same time, the company had started to roll back some of the content suspensions and deletions caused by this error.

This was not the first time that Google has removed MetaMask from its app store without warning. In July of last year, Google removed MetaMask from the Chrome Web Store.

This came as a total surprise to the MetaMask team, who noted in a tweet that only Chrome had been affected. It was still possible to install the plugin manually. The extension has since been restored.

The end of 2019 was not a good time for many blockchain and cryptocurrency related applications, including Coinbase Inc., which can delete its own browser from distributed applications from the Apple App Store due to a policy restricting its use.

Image: MetaMask

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