Google releases first preview of Android Studio 3.0

In March, Google released a stable version of Android Studio 2.3, the latest edition of its integrated development environment (IDE), specifically designed for its hugely popular operating system, which is now installed on more than two billion phones. and active tablets per month.

Today at its I/O Developer Conference, Google released the first preview of its next major IDE update, Android Studio 3.0.

The new version is now available in the canary release channel and, as Google explained, includes “three main features: a new suite of application performance profiling tools for quickly diagnosing performance issues, taking support for the Kotlin programming language and increased Gradle build speeds for large application projects.”

Google added that Android Studio 3.0 “tightly integrates with Android platform development with these additional key features: support for instant app development, inclusion of Google Play Store in emulator system images Android O and new Android O development assistants, with over 20 new features for developers, including:


To construct

Test and debug

To optimise

Android Studio 3.0 was originally supposed to be released as version 2.4, but Google said it had so many important features and improvements that it warranted a substantial increase in version number.

A detailed overview of the new features, including links to additional information on each of these additions and improvements, can be found on Google’s Android Developer Blog.

You can get an overview of the new features and improvements in Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1 by watching the video below:

Source: Android Developer Blog (Google)

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