Google Play Store finally gets the Deals page to showcase deals and discounts

Google Play Store allows Android users to easily view and download multiple apps. The online app store for Android smartphones offers all types of apps including video games, e-commerce apps, productivity apps, and more. Even the design of the Google Play Store is mobile-friendly and allows users to easily browse through the available options. More recently, the Google Play Store got the new Deals tab.

The Offers tab can be found on the Google Play Store homepage. It allows users to view all current deals, offers, and discounts on apps, video games, movies, and books. Currently, there are several offers on the Offers tab of the Google Play Store, including a 20% discount on Healthify, 128 GB of free space on downloading an online backup application called Cloud, and discounts on buying movies such as Sonic: The Hedgehog, which is currently available for Rs. 490, down from the original price of Rs. 890.

Play Store now has a page dedicated to offers

Since Google App Store is an online application store, a dedicated section where it displays all the current offers and discounts will help users. Previously, Google Play Store did not have an Offers page. To open the Offers page, users need to open Google Play Store and click on the icon located in the center of the screen in the menu list at the bottom. The Offers page will feature limited time offers, offers for apps users might like, offers for games users might like, discounts on movies and books.

Although the Offers page on Google Play Store is still available to a limited number of users, Republic World may independently identify and access the Offers page on Google Play Store. Overall, the Deals page is a useful addition to the Google Play Store. This will help users especially during the sale when Google Play Store is on sale. Those who cannot see the Offers page on the Play Store should either update to the latest version of the Play Store. To do this, go to the settings option located in the menu that opens by tapping on the profile picture.


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