Google is testing a new Offers section in the Play Store that is totally different from the existing one

No, this is not the “Offers and Notifications” section that you may have heard of


It looks like the Google Play Store is getting an extra shortcut on the bottom bar. As spotted by 9to5Google, the company is testing adding a new Deals tab to the Marketplace, but it’s separate from the existing Deals & Notifications section in the account picker.

Currently, the application consists of four tabs – Games, Applications, Movies and Books. Only a Play Pass subscription will give you an additional shortcut in the bottom bar. In the screenshots, the Deals tab can be seen in the middle as the third icon. While there is an option to check for deals and notifications in the current version of the Play Store, the new Deals tab will show carousels with cover images of games or apps, with details and the end date of the game. the agreement. These offers all appear to be limited time specials or free paid apps for a limited time.


From left to right: Current tabs; Current Offers and Notifications section; new tab Offers

The current Deals & Notifications section can be accessed by tapping your profile picture on Play Store. Unlike new offers, the existing offer only displays a very extensive list of offers. If there isn’t one, it also offers to add a promo code, if you have one.

The new Offers tab is not yet widely available to users. It’s still unclear if this is limited testing, as the report says there has been only one instance of the feature spotted so far. If the new section goes live in the near future for everyone, the addition will make it easier for app and game developers to offer their offerings.

Google has added a bunch of new features and UI changes to the Play Store over the past few months. The Marketplace received a Material You overhaul for devices running Android 12, and it also got the ability to download apps for Wear OS and Android TV / Google TV. More recently, the company removed the “last updated” section from the app listings. The new Offers tab is just the latest online adjustment.

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