Google follows Apple in introducing ‘nutrition labels’ on Android app privacy

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Google is finally implementing its own version of Apple’s privacy notices, with Google Play’s “Data Security” section warning about the types of data that can be collected and shared by apps.

Following the introduction and success of Apple’s so-called “nutrition labels” for privacy in the App Store, Google announced in May 2021 that it would follow the same path for the Google Play Store. Almost a year later, Google finally revealed its take on the idea.

Named “Data Safety”, the labels have the same basic concept as Apple’s version, in that they summarize the apps’ data safety practices. This would include details on how the data is collected or shared, as well as the security an application undertakes with the data and other items.

Google has made data security active on its store listings, both in a browser and in the Android Store app, but developers still need to submit information for listings. Google has set a deadline for all developers to do so by July 20 via Play Console.

Apps that do not have a submission will be listed as having “No Information Available” in the Google Play Store listing, until a submission is submitted. Google further warns that non-compliant apps may “be subject to additional enforcement actions in the future”, such as removal from Google Play.

Information to submit includes links to the app’s privacy policy, types of data collected, data usage, collection and sharing practices, how the app and developer handle data, as well as privacy and security practices. Developers must also say whether they’ve opted into Google Play’s “Designed for Families” program.

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