Google Fiber opens “Internet Store” kiosks in malls in 3 cities

Google Fiber has long used “Fiber Spaces” to provide potential customers with gigabit speeds before subscribing. The ISP is now turning to Google Fiber Kiosks located in malls to allow customers to “take care of business quickly”.

New customers can sign up for the service while existing customers can upgrade to the two gig service. Users can also “get help optimizing their home network or resolving most issues with our dedicated service and sales teams.”

The new kiosks are in high-traffic areas and are designed to make it easy and quick for customers to check out the latest from Google Fiber.

The three recently opened locations are at:

The dual-sided cabins adopt Google’s usual home aesthetic with first-party hardware featured throughout, including the Nest Mini, Nest Hub Max, Nest Cam, and (what appears to be) Pixelbook Go. TV screens have scoured the main selling points.

Meanwhile, Google today removed the Fiber TV mobile app from the iOS App Store and Google Play for new users. It’s part of the transition to streaming services.

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