Google bans these 10 ‘dangerous’ apps from the Play Store for stealing user data

Google Play Store has banned ten popular Android apps with over 60 million downloads. for this reason.

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According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, Google removed ten Android apps from its Play Store because these apps had the potential to steal user data. The report further stated that these apps could track the user, who downloaded the app, and provide the information to hackers.

These applications could even access the user’s email, contacts, data and password!

Apparently, these hackers are stealing data through these apps using the “cut and paste” method. Whenever a user copy-pasted an OTP, password or any other details, hackers were able to steal the details through these apps from the device. The report also mentions that these apps were able to help the scammer to access files downloaded on WhatsApp.

Google has therefore decided to ban these applications from the Play Store. If any of these rogue apps are downloaded on your smartphone then you are advised to remove it immediately.

Android users should also note that only deleting or uninstalling these apps will not suffice, all associated data must also be erased.

Read below to find out which apps were stealing your data.

Malicious apps include

1. Speed ​​radar camera

2. Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)

3. Wi-Fi mouse (PC remote control)

4. QR & Barcode Scanner (developed by AppSource Hub)

5. Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022

6. Simple weather and clock widget (developed by Difer)

7. Handcent Next SMS – Text with MMS

8. Smart Kit 360

9. Full Quran M P3-50 Languages ​​& Audio Translation

10. Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW

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