Google announces stable version of Jetpack Compose 1.0 and Android Studio Fox article

Google LLC’s Android developer team today announced two major versions of the product: version 1.0 of Jetpack Compose, Android’s toolkit for building native user interfaces, and the stable version of the Android Studio Arctic Fox visual code editor to take advantage of its features.

Compose is designed to make it easier for developers to design interactive, intuitive, and native user interfaces for applications with as little coding as possible. It helps Android developers to streamline user interface development and reduce the time it takes to go into production.

The Android team has been working on Compose for two years, with its alpha first introduced in August of last year. It is deeply integrated with Android Studio, which is why these ads are matched.

“With Jetpack Compose in 1.0, that means it’s completely stable, so it’s time to start using it in your applications,” said Anna-Chiara Bellini, product manager at Google. “We created Jetpack Compose to make it faster and easier to build beautiful apps with a lot less code so you can spend more time bringing your app to life.”

Adopting a new framework is a big change, Bellini explained, but Compose makes it easy because it’s native and fully interoperable with all Android code. “With a fully declarative approach, you just describe your user interface and Compose does the rest,” she said.

According to Google, there are already 2,000 apps in the Play Store using Compose. And, to show that the Android team really believes in their product, the Play Store app itself uses Compose.

With this version 1.0, Compose is ready for prime time. It is fully interoperable with Android apps and can be integrated easily for a single button or an entire screen. It can even be extended to an entire theme, depending on the Material theme system, so that it can be used to fit an entire brand.

To help developers get started with Compose, Google has put together a variety of tutorials, including documentation, videos, and programming workshops.

Although the version 1.0 of Jetpack Compose is a milestone, it is not the final version. Google is also releasing a public roadmap for upcoming features developers can expect.

Android Studio Arctic Fox release

The latest version of Android Studio Arctic Fox is now available for download as a stable version.

With this new version, developers will be able to easily take advantage of the new version 1.0 of the Jetpack Compose tools, including Compose Preview, Deploy Preview, and Compose in the Layout Inspector.

Compose Preview allows developers to see their UI designs in different states, light and dark themes, or different font scaling, all at the same time. This makes development easier and without the need to deploy an entire app to one device.

Deploy Preview works by allowing a developer to deploy just a snippet of a user interface directly to a device or emulator, so that small pieces of code can be quickly tested without having to deploy the entire application. This allows them to iterate designs on single components or screens without waiting.

If a developer needs to dig deeper into a layout, Arctic Fox supports Compose in Layout Inspector. This allows developers to see how their UI design changes will affect the appearance of many different form factors with each update. This also includes an option to enable live updates.

It is also now possible to display the results of editing literals, such as strings, numbers, and Booleans, when edited inline in code. The changes will be visible on screen including preview, emulator or physical device without having to compile.

Image: Google

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