Google Android will bring 15 Unicode emojis in December

Google Android is one of the broad topics on which the company is constantly adding new material. In the latest edition, Google has decided to make the Android system more creative and fun by adding the brand new Unicode 15.0 emojis.

This gets confirmation from the side of Google creative director of Emoji – Jennifer Daniel. She shared recent actions underway on the emoji spectrum. At the same time, it provides information on the latest Unicode 15.0 edition.

To start, Jennifer talks about the inclusion of Unicode functionality. It consists of 15 new additions to the emoji library. For example, left and right hands, shaking face, ginger, donkey, moose, goose, jellyfish, pea pod, and new heart colors.

Not only in words, but the director also walked us through the design concept for these 21 new emojis. With a fancy layout and eye-catching colors, these mini pictures are quite interesting to look at.

NOTO Emoji – New addition!

Apart from these emojis, Jennifer also brings our opinion to the Noto Emoji. Finally, these emojis are an open source emoji font that will support Chrome and other Google products. Initially, these emojis were in black and white textures. However, they now fully support the color version.

Wait, the list doesn’t end there. Apart from Unicode emojis, Google is also trying to bring animated characters for the Android system. Therefore, users will find more than 200 types of animated emojis. Check them out HERE.

Apart from the website, you can also find these emojis in the latest version of Google Messages. So, the next updates for Android will bring a huge package of entertainment and innovation to consumers.

Although it is not possible to resist the temptation to use and explore this amazing area of ​​emojis. Yet, the report states that we were only able to find these emojis by Android’s December update.


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