Google Android Exec: we’re not giving up on Qualcomm

“We couldn’t do it on our own. We needed partners like you.”

Google’s Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer showed up in person at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit to reaffirm the two companies’ partnership, shortly after Google appeared to be ditching Qualcomm for its own Tensor chipset in its flagship Pixel phones. . Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon attempted to make Qualcomm a synonym for Android on stage at the event. But while Android has always run on more than Qualcomm processors, there is a change of tone when you create a product that directly competes with your partners.

Lockheimer chatted with Amon on stage, but it was worth paying attention to who was saying what. Amon spoke about Qualcomm leader in premium smartphones. Lockheimer tried to keep the focus wider, perhaps to avoid criticizing Tensor or Google’s Tensor strategy.

“When we started working together on this topic, it was really about the phone. And now it’s the phone and all these other devices around it, and it all adds up to the premium experience too: the mobile, the hearable, the tablet, all of those things. Getting all of these things to work better together is part of the experience, and you do it, ”Lockheimer told Amon.

Ultimately, Lockheimer wanted to assert that Google is always “open,” such as providing an open platform where not all experiences are first-party experiences. The move to Tensor with the Pixel 6 was seen by some as a potential evolution to a more Apple-like model.

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“There are good ideas everywhere … and we want to be able to capture the ones we can’t find … ourselves – not all of them will come from Google, or even Qualcomm,” Lockheimer said. “We have to work together.”

The Qualcomm and Google partnership is strong, Lockheimer said. “I think it’s great … I think it’s wonderful.”

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