Google: Android 13 helps with personal-professional life balance

Android 13, powered by Google, comes with features that help using a single device for work and play. Google said Android 13’s redesigned “work profiles,” based on improvements from the previous year to separate an employee’s personal data from work data and provide a better user experience, complied with Google’s policies. computer service administration.

Google’s Android 13 asks employees whether an app should be opened in their personal or work profile. Google gives an example where corporate videos are separated from the YouTube Watchlist to avoid confusion or breach of privacy. Google also offers the advantage of having two photo galleries on their devices – one for personal and professional use – for an organized and hassle-free sharing experience.

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Google-backed Android 13 also adds smart dictation to apps for work profiles for Google Pixel users, which will take “corporate jargon in work emails” away from personal chats. Additionally, a new feature makes it easier for employees to manage device security and privacy settings and view details about data shared with company administrators or any restrictions placed on the device. .

Other features such as Lost Mode will allow IT administrators to lock down a company device if it is lost or stolen, Stay Private on Work Wi-Fi will automatically encrypt traffic when an employee connects a personal profile to the network workplace wireless. Company-provided Chromebooks will allow employees to securely manage messages, notifications and other actions.

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