Google Android 13: first features and leaks

Xiaomi MIUI 13 was released with Mi 12 series of smartphones, the latest software is based on Android 12 operating system. On the other hand, this new Xiaomi MIUI version will give you the best user experience available with many MIUI 13 features .

So, we are ready to explore all the new offerings from Xiaomi in the Android 12 based MIUI 13th edition. Let’s dive into the features of Xiaomi MIUI 13 below.


Let’s start with widgets first, now you have the option to bring new widgets right to your home screen. Widgets are mobile freely and you can match the appearance of the widget according to the app itself.

The widgets are also lightweight in design and look very interesting at first glance. Apart from appearance, widgets will help you get information directly accessible at your fingertips without opening an application entirely.

In addition, the MIUI 13 widget system is easy to adopt by the home screen layout and you can choose from different sizes.

miui 13 widgets

Wallpapers :

A set of new wallpapers has been a priority of the MIUI software ecosystem, and MIUI 13 is no different. This version of MIUI brings various new wallpapers that won’t miss a chance to fit your phone screen and are created with different themes and designs.

miui 13 wallpapers

Especially for some wallpapers, MIUI has partnered with Beauty of Science. Founded in 2016, Beauty of Science (BOS) is a brand that creates visually engaging science-related content for the education, technology and entertainment industries.

science beauty wallpapers

Some of the MIUI 13 wallpapers have a polarized light microscope with 8K ultra-high precision, these wallpapers change into different shapes and formations on your phone home screen.


MIUI 13 introduced the new MiSans font, specially designed to install a new viewing user experience. The new MiSans has comprehensive Chinese, English and digital design optimizations, with simple design and clear readability for comfortable viewing to spot the difference.

MUI font 13 misans

Private life:

Along with features, MIUI 13 has security features to protect consumer data and protect their privacy with the following features:

Telecom Fraud:

  1. Fraud protection: New system-level fraud protection helps your phone identify fraudulent calls and messages and alert you to incidents.
  2. App Protection: The system will inform you whether an app is safe to use for your smartphone before installing an app.
  3. New Warning Icons: You now have access to new warning signs that will help you better understand what fraud is really related to.


Face ID: During face verification, your MIUI 13 powered device will not show your face instead, it will verify your facial data while keeping your face hidden. According to Xiaomi, this will introduce apps to over-collect your personal picture information.

Application data:

You always have the option to check which apps are collecting what from your smartphone, a new section in app info will show you all the permissions a corresponding app is picking up.

miui 13 app permissions


This part is a little more important to a consumer, as it may not take the lead from the front seat, but functions as a driver to ensure your experience remains smooth.

MIUI 13 focuses on the concept of focusing more on computing, bringing better memory management and efficient storage management with a streamlined process.

That’s not it, MIUI 13 brings you new performance better than the latest version of MIUI.

  • MIUI 13 brings 20-26% better smoothness of system applications compared to the upgraded version of MUI 12.5.
  • It features 15-52% of the overall improved smoothness of third-party apps as it was in MUI 12.5.
  • In addition, the average number of background applications can now take up to 14 simultaneously on a Xiaomi phone for example Mix 4.
  • Finally, the read and write performance will be there for you for over 36 months unhindered and only 5% of its total will drop over time.


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