Google Android 13 beta will continue with quarterly platform release testing

Android 13 launched a long time ago, and we thought that would be the end of the Android beta program, but Google is now testing its quarterly builds of the platform with the beta program. This new release clearly indicates two things, the first is that Google is ready to start beta testing Android 13 QPR1 in September. Second, people who are unhappy with the Google Android 13 beta could leave the Android beta program now without wiping their phone. So in case someone is tired of beta testing Android, it can be left without a problem.

Google is slowly wiping out Android’s beta program to accommodate its quarterly platform release. However, the good news is that YouTube is simultaneously testing two external programs under the same Android beta program.

Google ended QPR’s specific beta program in June while hitting the stable release as part of the June Feature Drop update. Now that Android 13 has reached a stable stage, the company is preparing to test the next quarterly version of the Android 13 platform by bringing back the beta program.

Many people have signed up for the Android beta program to test Android 13. People who had signed up will be pushed to the revived QPR test program. This means that if users want to test beta versions of Android 13, they will have to go to the Android beta site to get by.

If you end up installing Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1, unregistering it will force a wipe for which you will have to wait three whole months until A13 QPR1 reaches a stable state.

The Android 13 beta program extended by QPR will end in June 2023 after the release of June Pixel Feature Drop.

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