Google Android 12: When will you get it?

A preview of Android 12’s big design changes and public beta is live

We don’t get cute candy-inspired names for every Android review anymore, but the annual updates still arrive — and Android 12 is now officially here.

Of course, as any longtime Android phone owner can tell you, it could take a lot longer for your device to receive the upgrade…assuming it ever happens. It’s still early days, but we have details on Google’s planned rollout of Android 12 as well as some of the upgrade’s new features. Here’s what you need to know.

When will Android 12 be released?

When will Android 12 be released?

The first developer preview was released for limited handsets in February, with a more stable public beta released today, May 18. It will be several more months before the full version of Android 12 is released. Consider that the annual launch is usually tied to that of new Pixel phones in the fall and you know when to expect Android 12 to be officially deployed.

Thankfully, Google has gotten really good at communicating this stuff with annual launches. Google plans to release public beta reviews until around August 2021, according to an official schedule, with the full release planned for some time after that. We would guess September or October.

What features does Android 12 add?

Android 12’s biggest overall change is aesthetic in nature, thanks to a new design language and philosophy they call “Material You”. Rather than developing a fixed look and standard for all apps to use, Google gives you more control over the appearance of apps and interfaces through the use of color palettes as well as accents and widget styles automatically. assorted.

It looks good in action, especially with all the variants that result from simple customization. Google describes things like the drop-down notification shade as “intuitive and playful”, so there’s definitely a new vibe to everything.

Meanwhile, a new privacy dashboard offers a useful comprehensive overview of your privacy settings, while a small indicator will appear whenever an app is using your camera or microphone. You can even revoke access, giving you even more control over your privacy. Improved accessibility features are also available.

More of the Android OS can now be updated through Google Play, meaning less reliance on phone makers to roll out their full OS upgrades. With Android 12, the Android Runtime (ART) module has been added to the list of operating system components that can be easily upgraded through the Play Store, so you’ll get improvements faster, no matter what. phone you are using.

There are also plenty of details about improved media encoding support, which makes it easier for apps to support rich visual content, multi-channel spatial audio, faster notification transitions to their respective apps, and more. optimizations for tablets, foldable phones and TVs. Learn more about some of these core technical improvements here on the official Android Developer Blog.

Which devices will get Android 12 and when?

Which devices will get Android 12 and when?

We expect any Android flagship phone from at least the last year to get the update, and potentially older ones too. It really varies by manufacturer and the types of support promises they have made. For example, Samsung said it will give its Galaxy S, recent Galaxy A, and foldable phones three years of Android updates, so you’re guaranteed to get Android 12. It might take Sammy a while to put his skin on things.

We know the update will be rolling out to Pixel phones over the next few weeks.

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