Google Android 12 GB Edition announced with privacy and security features


  • Google announced Android 12GB, which brings speed improvements and privacy features to the low-powered operating system.
  • In addition to Android 12 staples, Android 12 GB adds unique enhancements to Files Go, Nearby Share, and more.
  • The first devices running Android 12 GB will be launched in 2022.

Google’s Android operating system (Go edition) isn’t making the headlines like it used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not being used. The company today announcement 200 million active Android Go users, as well as a brand new version of the operating system to be released in 2022.

The main focus of the Android 12GB edition, just like Android 12 itself, is privacy, security, and speed. Android 12 GB will be able to launch applications up to 30% faster and with smoother animations than before. This will also be helped by the SplashScreenAPI which is now available to developers for the low power operating system.

Managing your apps and data will also be easier in Android 12GB. The updated Files Go app will allow you to recover deleted files up to 30 days after deletion. You will also be able to share apps directly to other smartphones offline using Nearby Share. Additionally, if you have a handful of apps that haven’t been used for an extended period of time, Android 12GB will hibernate your unused apps to save battery and other valuable phone resources.

android 12 go edition Unused Apps

Another new feature is the ability to listen to the news or translate any text on your screen just by going to the presentation menu (recent apps) on your phone. You will see two new shortcuts displayed under the app overview page: Translate and Listen, in addition to the Screenshot button. If you navigate to a Wikipedia article in Chrome, for example, open the overview page, hit the Play button, and let Android 12GB do the work for you.

Google is also bringing the Android 12 staples to the GB edition. The Privacy Dashboard app in the settings menu lets you see which apps have accessed your location, microphone, and camera permissions, and when. You’ll also see new camera and microphone usage privacy indicators in your phone’s status bar, letting you know when an app is actively accessing these sensors.

And finally, Android 12GB will allow you to grant approximate location permissions to apps, so you don’t need to reveal your exact location.

Google says the first devices running the 12GB Android edition will be available in 2022. No further timeline has been given for its availability, but we imagine 12GB Android devices will start appearing sooner rather than later.

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