Game Jolt extends its social platform to mobile with the launch of the iOS and Android app

Social media platform and game marketplace Game Jolt debuted as a mobile app. The company launched apps on Android and iOS today, and is notably leading the social media side of the broader platform’s offerings for this mobile launch.

Specifically, a press release touts the Game Jolt app as a “creator economy and social media platform for Gen Z” where avid gamers can watch and share content about games of their choice. .

Developers unaware of the latest social media spaces may be more familiar with Game Jolt for its large and largely indie-focused games marketplace. It was only recently that this storefront came under fire for suddenly, and somewhat unscrupulous at the time, banning games featuring adult content shortly after a $2.6 million funding round and just a few months before today’s iOS and Android debuts.

However, this game market is not the focus of mobile apps, which instead double down on the platform’s community building offerings.

In the words of Game Jolt Founder and CEO, Yaprak DeCarmine, “It’s clear to us that Gen Z is tired of generic social media and they want a place specifically for games that supports all types of content they can play. ‘they create – art, videos, thoughts, and live streams all in one place.”

Expanding on that statement in a conversation with Game Developer, DeCarmine says the focus on content like live streams and art is simply Game Jolt embracing how gaming communities are already growing and interacting through things. like fanart and broader content creation.

“The types of content players create are influenced by the games themselves, which also tend to be a mix of media in the form of art, animation, music, and even video,” DeCarmine told Game Developer. “We see this reflected in the user-generated content on Game Jolt, the next generation of gamers are extremely creative and Game Jolt is their social platform.”

DeCarmine goes on to explain that a mobile app has long been one of the most requested features by the wider Game Jolt community, which boasts 4 million monthly active users across all platforms. Prior to launch, the mobile apps alone saw over 100,000 pre-installs and around 50,000 users in the very first week of its TestFlight beta on the Google Play Store.

Embrace the creator economy

In some ways, the heavily social mobile app deviates somewhat from what we’ve seen before in Game Jolt. Years ago, when the Game Jolt Marketplace was first launched, the creators of the platform explained in a Game Developer blog that the addition of a marketplace was to further embrace Game Jolt’s place. as a community for game makers, and where those developers could connect with their communities.

In this 2016 blog, David DeCarmine, co-founder of Game Jolt and other half of the husband-wife team behind the platform, explained that he “wanted a place where any developer at any level of skill could put their creations on and start working on gathering an audience: sharing new developments, interacting with their fan base, bridging the gap between developers and gamers.”

More recently, Game Jolt’s focus has broadened to include content creators surrounding video games in addition to people who create games themselves. Asked about this growing interest in embracing the “creator economy,” Yaprak DeCarmine told Game Developer that Game Jolt’s focus is now more on helping creators, whether they’re game developers or decorators. game-themed cakes, connect with a community, and build their own audiences.

“Over the years, Game Jolt’s user base has grown to include all kinds of creators, not just developers,” she explains. “The creators of Game Jolt range from Pokemon cake decorators mortal combat the crocheters at Zelda game music cover tapes. The creators have built their following on Game Jolt and their fans want to support them in all sorts of meaningful ways.”

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