Free instead of $3.49: Android app shows a whole new way to make music

Today we have our NextPit coffee break again and this time we recommend a really wacky music app. Fang Synth is a synthesizer that offers a very special touch. We present to you the app, which is free today only.

  • Fang Synth is free today only instead of $3.49.
  • The application uses the motion sensor of the smartphone.
  • No in-app purchases, no account required and no ads.

Let’s make some noise today, my dear NextPit Community! I would like to introduce you to an application that allows you to make EDM or techno music. Synthesizer apps are a dime a dozen, but this one has a unique selling point. That’s why – and because it’s currently free for Android – we’re going to tell you what it’s all about.

Why is Fang Synth worth downloading?

Let’s start the other way: it really isn’t worth it for the opulent graphics. A quick glance at the article image above or the video linked below will confirm this. But there are apps where the visuals don’t really matter, and a synthesizer app like this is definitely one of them.

The free download is worth it simply because you get a combination of synthesizer and sequencer. You can create sounds and organize them into patterns (let us know later if your great EDM career started today).

But the particularity that makes this umpteenth synth app so exceptional is that Fang Synth is an app based on motion control of a synthesizer, arpeggiator and sequencer via accelerometer information. Each parameter can be linked to different directions of movement. So let the sound play and then pick up the smartphone – depending on the position, the sound changes. It can be explained in a complicated way, or just watch (and listen to) it quickly in the video. This is not the official video from the manufacturer, but an enthusiastic user of the app:

Awesome, right? Fang Synth comes with presets, WAV recording, step arpeggiator with diatonic/pentatonic scale locking, multi-pattern sequencer, waveforming oscillators, resonant filter with envelope and pitch, and an effects unit (including formant filter, pitched delay, reverb, downsampling, bit reduction).

However, there’s a small catch: if you’re starting the app for the first time, you’ll probably be sitting in front of the screen quite puzzled at first. We will have to navigate a bit to see how to create the sounds and how to determine what should happen when the smartphone is moved. The small HowTo of the application is useful, but especially this detailed guide.

Is it safe to download “Fang Synth” app?

The app’s privacy policy consists of only two sentences:

No data is collected, except for those collected by Google Play. This is subject to change and will be posted here before it becomes effective.

As always, I also took a look at the Exodus privacy verification platform, which also gives me the green light for the application: there are exactly 0 trackers and 2 permissions requested (Wake Lock, Write External Storage). You don’t need an account, there are no ads and no in-app purchases either.

No idea how this app will develop further. Currently there are only over 1000 downloads – so you might be one of the first to find out about this app. It is better to do it today because from tomorrow the fun will cost $3.49 again!

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Maybe they’ll work on the look of the interface in the future, it sure couldn’t hurt. But even if the eyes are not too enthusiastic about the app: my ears are still and I already apologize to my colleagues for the fact that I need more time for my articles today because I have to explore sonic worlds in between.

What do you think about it? Is that too weird for you, or should we introduce music apps like this more often? Let us know in the comments.

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