Fall Guys is going free on the Epic Games Store in June

Mediatonic’s bean-themed Fall Guys party royale will be free on June 21, the studio announced last night. However, this will also coincide with the game’s removal from Steam. From then on, Fall Guys will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, although it will remain playable for existing owners on Steam without them having to upgrade to Epic’s launcher. The news came as part of Mediatonic’s announcement that Fall Guys will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox next month with full cross-play and cross-progression support, alongside its current PC and Xbox homes. Playstation.

It’s not that surprising to see Fall Guys move to the Epic Games Store, as Epic acquired Mediatonic in March last year. Indeed, mandatory login with an Epic Games account was introduced in Fall Guys in season six, even for people playing on Steam. However, existing Steam owners need not worry about being left behind after its delisting:

“Steam players who already have a copy of Fall Guys will continue to receive all the regular updates (such as new seasons, fixes, and new features) that you would expect,” Mediatonic says.

Fall Guys launched in August 2020 and has become a bit of a thing. There have been six seasons so far, but the next one, which coincides with the change to free-to-play on June 21, will be the first season again. Anyone who purchased and played the game will receive a “Legacy Pack” of free stuff, including the new season pass, Mediatonic has confirmed. Future Season Passes will then be purchased with the new in-game currency “Show Bucks” and unlock cosmetics.

Matt thought the game was fun but not for long in his Fall Guys review. “It stopped surprising me. It is essential. When I play now, I always find myself sitting there with an idle smile, but it’s like putting popcorn chicken in my mouth rather than, I don’t know, devouring wasabi cheesecake.

Fall Guys is still available on Steam until June 21 and costs £16/$20/€20. Full details of the changes coming to Fall Guys can be read here.

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