Docker Container Coming to CNCF, Google’s Android Studio and Kubernetes 1.6 – SD Times Summary: March 29, 2017


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has officially welcomed Docker’s container execution kernel, containerd. Containerd was accepted as an incubation project alongside projects like Kubernetes, gRPC, etc.

Docker’s acceptance into the CNCF comes three months after Docker announced its intention to contribute to the project, according to the CNCF.

“It is important for CNCF to host core technology for native cloud computing,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The containerd runtime environment is extremely important to the growth of the entire cloud native ecosystem and its union with Kubernetes and CNCF will bring enormous benefits to end user solutions. Container orchestrators need community-driven container runtime environments and we are excited to have containerd which is used by everyone who runs Docker today. “

Google launches new Android Studio preview website
Google wants to make it easier for developers to help improve its IDE. The company announced the launch of a new website to download preview versions of Android Studio and stay up to date with the latest tools and announcements.

The website will give developers early access to the latest Android Studio previews, features and tools such as the Android emulator and the platform SDK previews. The latest IDE preview, Android Studio 2.4, was released last week with features and support for Android O Developer Preview.

Kubernetes 1.6 released
Kubernetes 1.6 is now available with multi-user and multi-workload capabilities. The release focuses on scalability and automation, and includes support for 5,000 node clusters, a stable release of dynamic provisioning, and beta releases of role-based scheduling and access control features .

Other features include container runtime updates, new alpha features such as out-of-tree cloud provider and customer metrics, and extended storage support.

Officially released kite
The Kite Artificial Pair Programmer is officially launched. Kite supports Python on macOS and Windows.

“Kite brings the web programming knowledge – cleverly sorted completions, all the documentation, and thousands of great examples – right into your favorite editor. With Kite, you write better code faster ”, according to Kite’s website.

It offers categorized completions, popular templates, code samples, documentation, integration with popular tools like VS Code and vim, and an easily accessible knowledge base.

Talend platform certified on MapR
Talend is today the first integration platform to be certified on MapR, which allows MapR and Talend to work together to help customers improve their agility and accelerate the profitability of big data workflows at scale. of the company, according to Talend.

The latest version of Talend’s Data Fabric integration solution has been certified on the MapR Converged Data Platform, which includes MapR-FS, MapR-DB and MapR Streams.

“Talend’s integration with MapR provides our customers with a modern data architecture capable of simultaneously handling multiple big data workloads, while accelerating time to market and increasing developer productivity,” said Mike. Pickett, vice president of business development and partner ecosystems for Talend. “Together, Talend and MapR solutions can meet all customers’ application and data integration needs to transform enterprise data stores into real-time business insights.


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