Digicel welcomes you to its new store in downtown Port of Spain

Digicel has a new home in the heart of the city of Port of Spain.

On Thursday evening, dozens of people gathered at Excellent City Center in downtown Port of Spain for the launch of Digicel’s new experience store.

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago CEO Abraham Smith said the opening of this store is one of many milestones as the company delivers on its promise to deliver world-class experiences to its customers.

“This new store is our first Christmas gift to our customers, and tonight is very special as we also kick off our 2022 Christmas campaign and announce the ways Digicel customers will be gifted throughout the season,” said- he declared.

“Throughout the pandemic, Digicel has been a true leader in the digital space as we have kept T&T reliably connected to multiple digital touchpoints. These innovations have resulted in a dramatic decrease in foot traffic in some of our sites, the ANSA center being one of them. As fewer customers were physically visiting the store, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to move to a space where it would be closer to our customers and allow us to better serve This store is much more accessible, especially for the traveling public, as it is now on many taxi lines and we have ensured that it is well equipped to provide an enhanced customer experience.

According to Smith, the move of the ANSA center to Maraval Road in downtown Port of Spain demonstrates the company’s commitment to the city.

“While others have packed up and left town, Digicel continues to make huge investments to bridge the digital divide and bring technology to the people of Port of Spain. Digicel is committed to continuing its support for the plans government for a revitalized and rejuvenated capital.

Covering approximately 5,000 square feet, the new location is now Digicel’s largest store in Trinidad and Tobago and offers new services such as a learning center.

As the CEO explained, this “Knowledge Bar” is intended to engage customers and increase their proficiency in technology through educational workshops.

The store also features interactive device displays of the latest gadgets and mobile phones and customers will have access to an experiential zone where they can interact with products at home.

We’ve thought about the customer, simplified their experience with us, and taken it a step further digital with the inclusion of more self-service kiosks for paying bills and self-service computers where customers can request services, solve problems and register tickets. by them selves. This new experience store also gives customers more time to shop, as we are now open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and it gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of nearby amenities here in Excellent City. Center.

On Thursday, Digicel also launched its 2022 Christmas campaign- Digicel in everything.

This Christmas, with over $1 million in prizes up for grabs, Digicel is giving back to all of its customers.

“We listened to feedback from our customers and realized they want prices that can help them meet the challenges of their daily lives,” said CEO Abraham Smith.

Prizes up for grabs in the Digicel in Everything promotion include:

  • A grand prize winner will walk away with $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) in cash, a home improvement and free groceries for a year.
  • There will be daily and weekly bonuses and prizes like new TVs and PCs.
  • New customers who sign up for Digicel+ get one month of HBO Max and Disney+ and are eligible to win.

“Now that the world is opening up again, we want to help our customers travel and experience new things, so we also have a pair of plane tickets up for grabs this season. I told you, customers are winning with Digicel, and we have great prizes just for them,” said Digicel CEO TT.

Promotion ends January 4e.

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez was among those present at the event.

In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude for what he described as Digicel’s unwavering commitment to the development and revitalization of Port of Spain.

“Although the pandemic has presented us with difficult times, I am happy to see that our fellow citizens are persevering and striving to achieve more. This includes our corporate citizens who I have reached out to with ideas to advance projects to keep our city’s heart beating. I’m very happy to say that among the first to respond is usually the CEO of Digicel, Abraham Smith and his phenomenal team. Digicel was excited to support the Council and its work to achieve the Government’s mandate for a revitalized Port of Spain.

Mayor Martinez said around this time last year that the Digicel team had worked with Port of Spain council to bring Christmas cheer to the capital.

“Digicel fully supports the Council, the capital and the revitalization plans,” he said. “We also look forward to their Christmas partnership in the square in December.

Also present at Thursday’s event were: Sacha Thompson – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago), members of the City Council and the company of Port of Spain, representatives of the various chambers of commerce and Franco Siu Chong – Managing Director and Chairman and CEO of the Excellent Stores group of companies.

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