Developer Brings Google Play Store to Windows 11

Microsoft has finally delivered the much anticipated ability to run Android apps in Windows 11 (via the Amazon App Store), but it has some limitations in its current state. Most notable is that Google Play services aren’t officially supported, which means side-loading Android apps like Chrome and Snapchat won’t work.

Community activists, Windows fans, and developers, however, have been successful in solving this problem and taking the capacity to a whole new level. Developer, @ADeltaXForce falls into this category and has successfully accessed Google Play Store on Windows 11 Subsystem for Android (WSA.)

This is not something we recommend as it could break your PC (we will not be responsible for any damages so try it at your own risk), but the developer managed to design a script that bypasses the deadlocks and lets you use Google Play services on the WSA of Windows 11. The script can be found on GitHub by searching for WSAGAScript. There is also a video tutorial on YouTube as well, but note that it is very technical. The trick also depends on using the Windows Subsystem for Linux, an msixbundle, and a ton of command line prompts. This is not for novice users, nor can we guarantee the privacy or security of your Google Account if you use scripts.

Anyway, it seems that the the trick manages to work. In @ADeltaXForce’s response, we noticed that some people make it work, and others not and encounter graphical bugs. Some people also seem trapped by the technicality of the code Or other problems with the Files app.

Again, this is a super technical process, and we don’t recommend it for novice users, but it’s cool to say the least. The Windows Subsystem for Android appears to be quite powerful as it is and opens the door for developers and those with experience modifying and bringing all kinds of Android apps to Windows 11.

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