Detroit’s TiiCKER Adds Android App for Shareholder Loyalty

TiiCKER in Detroit announced the launch of a shareholder loyalty Android app to complement its web and iOS apps. // Courtesy of TiiCKER

TiiCKER, a Detroit-based fintech startup, announced the addition of an Android app to complement its web and iOS apps, allowing retail investors on the Android platform to access loyalty rewards, free accounts and exchanges for consumers looking to enjoy the benefits. of property.

“Our device independent platform continues to evolve, creating new ways for consumers and investors to discover why, finally, property has its privileges,” said Jeff Lambert, Founder and CEO of TiiCKER.

TiiCKER claims it was the first software platform to connect, verify, and reward shareholders with stock market benefits and invented direct-to-shareholder marketing. The Android app, like the other two portals, offers exclusive access to discounts, VIP events and other exclusive perks for shareholders on the go.

The platform also offers commission-free exchanges, shareholder stores, as well as editorial and CEO content. For public companies, TiiCKER is the only direct-to-consumer sales platform for CMOs and marketers who were previously unable to reach their millions of owners.

“TiiCKER has revolutionized – and continues to reinvent – the way retail investors are rewarded for their brand loyalty and new companies are joining every day in the search for this new demographic of consumers,” Lambert said. “With the launch of this new app, Android users will now be able to join their iOS counterparts to access investor benefits at their fingertips. “

TiiCKER’s online presence brings together communities of individual investors and state-owned companies with the goal of providing insightful content to help potential shareholders discover new brands and invest in ones they already know and love.

To download or learn more about the new Android app, iOS app, or to claim benefits for stocks you own, please visit or download the apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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