Clubhouse is testing the beta version of its Android app with a number of users

Clubhouse began testing the beta of its long-awaited Android app this week with a number of users.

The audio social media app says, “Android isn’t live yet, but we’ve released a rough beta for a handful of nice testers. If you hear someone say they use Clubhouse on the official Android app, please welcome them.

Since the app is currently only available to a certain number of testers, this means the general public cannot register for the Android app yet.

Additionally, the platform’s release notes indicate that it will “welcome more Android users to Clubhouse over the next few weeks,” indicating that an official Android launch is still in a few weeks. .

Clubhouse was launched with a sense of exclusivity with an iOS and invite-only platform, which attracted users to the platform. However, Clubhouse’s delay in providing Android users with access to its platform has allowed competitors to catch up and launch their own clones.

For example, Twitter has successfully launched its audio rooms Spaces for iOS and Android users, with support for desktop computers coming soon. Facebook also announced a series of new audio features to be integrated into Clubhouse.

Many other digital giants such as LinkedIn, Spotify, and Reddit are also launching their own Clubhouse alternatives.

Source: Clubhouse

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