Can’t answer calls? Google’s Android Phone Dialer May Be Broken, But Here Is A Possible Solution

If you are using Google’s official phone calling app, and that probably means more Android users – there is a rather alarming and potentially dangerous bug that users are reporting. The Phone app is an essential software on your Android smartphone, as it handles incoming / outgoing calls, gives you access to visual voicemail, and manages spam filtering (among other things).

But what happens when the Phone app can’t handle even one of its most basic functions, like answering calls? This is what is happening to several Android users who have rushed to the app’s Google Play page to voice their concerns. The main problem seems to be that users cannot answer any calls no matter how hard they try.

“Also, to get a ringtone without being able to see or answer a call, phone numbers are linked to my contact details for incoming calls,” writes Jess Harland-Kenny. “I can’t answer a call by swiping up, and sometimes not even tapping ‘answer’ in the notification. Swiping up or even pressing the ‘Answer’ button doesn’t work.”

google android phone dialer
Google’s Android phone dialer apparently fails on the basics.

One user, Neha Farid, remarked, “Every time the call comes in, the screen goes blank and the call cannot be answered. It’s a similar situation for others, with Adriel Roman adding, “I don’t know if it’s the app or my Pixel 4 that came with the default app, but recent calls aren’t showing no. I will get or miss a call and I won’t. show on [the] recent calls list. I tried to delete the calls and they are not deleted. “

“After the last update on 03/17/2021, I can hear a call ringing, but the phone call screen is not showing. Clearing the money and storage and restarting doesn’t haven’t helped, ”Sonya added to the Google Phone apps list. “One of the main features of the phone application is to properly handle incoming calls, which includes ringing and displaying the call so the user can answer.”

Google Play user complaint phone dialer

We here at HotHardware encountered this same issue with a OnePlus 9 Pro and could not respond all calls made. However, we were able to trace the issue to Wi-Fi calling with the Google Fi app. Apparently, the latest phone dialer update is causing issues with both Google Fi and Wi-Fi calling. If we completely uninstall the Google Fi app, incoming calls are answered with no further issues. Disabling Wi-Fi calling in the Google Fi app also allows calls to be answered. However, as soon as the Wi-Fi calls are reactivated, the problem arises again.

We don’t know how prevalent this issue is and whether it is relegated to Wi-Fi calling in conjunction with Google Fi, or if there is an underlying Wi-Fi calling issue with the dialer app. telephone. However, complaints that filter to the top Frequently updated ‘most relevant’ reviews for the Google Phone app seem to suggest that Something it does not go.

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