Augusti Jewelz — Exclusive inauguration of an online earring store

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Coimbatore: Augusti Jewelz Grand Launch Event was held at AIC Raise, Rathinam Techzone, Eachanari. This is an exclusive online earring store with over 20,000 unique designs.

Sarvamangal Jewelers, designers and manufacturers of gold jewelry based in Coimbatore for over 40 years, are proud to launch the new brand called Augusti Jewelz. The technology service provider for Augusti Jewelz is Logimax Technologies, while 3 Monks Digital is the official digital marketing and advertising services provider.

Sarvamangal is a Coimbatore based wholesale and retail gold jewelry seller experienced in producing high quality gold earrings. They wanted to expand their online gold sales to expand their customer base globally and today launched the online earring store called Augusti Jewelz!

Augusti Jewelz is India’s Best Earring Jewel with BIS Hallmark certification. The earrings are exclusively curated with Heritage designs combining current era trends. Augusti earrings are handcrafted and lightweight with high durability that targets comfort as well as quality.

Augusti Jewelz designs are amazing and you won’t find them anywhere in the gold retail market. Different varieties of gold earrings such as artistic earrings, small heart earrings, ornate earrings, sterling silver earrings, floral earrings, Emona earrings, etc. Augusti Jewelz online store.

Augusti Jewelz’s ultimate goal is to make gold earrings affordable for everyone. You can buy well-designed gold earrings at Augusti Jewelz even at a price of less than Rs. 5000/- which makes it more economical than any other jewelry brand in the market.

You can now shop at The Augusti Jewelz website has a good user interface that makes viewing, buying, and ordering Augusti earrings easy. They provide 24/7 customer support with free delivery across India.

Augusti Jewelz Mobile App will be launched on Google Play Store and Apple Store as soon as possible. You can also purchase diamond, platinum and silver earrings in a variety of designs from Augusti Jewelz very soon. Gold earrings in different karats like 24K, 22K, 18K, etc. will also be launched soon.

As an inaugural offer, you can enjoy 20% off your purchases until Valentine’s Day.

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