Apple TV app blocks movie rentals, Google purchases and Android TVs

Moviegoers who use the Apple TV app to stream Oscar nominees, recent blockbusters and classic movies to Google or Android TVs have encountered a surprising change after a recent update; they can no longer rent or buy movies through iTunes on these devices. After users on Reddit reported the issue late last week, FlatpanelsHD confirmed that the options to rent or buy movies through Apple TV on Android and Google TV had been removed, and it wasn’t a mistake.

Instead, viewers are encouraged to head to the Apple TV app on another device. The options have been replaced with a new “How to Watch” button that says, “You can buy, rent, or subscribe in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, and other streaming devices.”

Users who choose not to upgrade the app are apparently still able to rent and buy movies, but it’s unclear how long Apple will allow users to avoid the change. With or without the update, customers can still watch all previously purchased movies in their libraries, and if they rent or buy a movie on an iPhone, iPad or other supported device, then it will be able to be streamed. on the TV. Additionally, access to Apple TV+ subscription content was not affected.

Currently, this change hasn’t impacted Apple TV users on Roku TVs or any other smart TVs, leading many to speculate that the issue behind the change could be between the gaming giants. Apple and Google technology.

Google has long charged a 30% commission on in-app purchases for a certain portion of vendors. It’s unclear what caused Apple’s recent U-turn, as the ability to buy and rent moves on Android and Google TV was previously available. It could be that a change to Google’s Terms of Service now lumps Apple purchases together under the 30% commission umbrella, causing a stark change.

This isn’t the first time Apple has blocked movie purchases from certain streaming devices. In 2019, when the Apple TV app was launched on Fire TV devices, the functionality to buy movies and subscribe to premium channels was not included.

At the time, Apple also encouraged users to pay for movies on an Apple device before watching them on Fire TV. This decision was also thought to center on a 30% fee for in-app purchases.

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