Apple Store workers use Android phones to keep union plans a secret

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There aren’t a few issues that Apple has on its hands, as is the case with AirTags, so now its store employees have to look for alternatives to be able to keep discussions secret to stay organized and thus follow the trail left by the struggle and victory carried out by them in Starbucks establishments in the United States.

Getting Organized with Android Phones and Encrypted Chats

As we know from Android Police, employees of several Apple stores in the United States are secretly organizing to form a union due to the problems related to your net salary.

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Several employees of at least two Apple stores in the United States have received support from national unions to make their presentations to the National Labor Relations Council, a independent federal agency which protects the rights of employees.

In fact, six other stores are in less advanced stages of the unionization process. The reason for this labor movement is that while Apple is on par with the same hourly rates as other companies, they are not earning as much as Apple. Inflation and house prices in the country encourage workers to feel that their wages are not increasing at the same rate.

Apple store at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Apple store at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

and it’s there encrypted chats and the use of Android phones come into play that the workers themselves claim to remain anonymous.

One of the reasons not to use iMessage or iOS is that when using an Android phone, all messages are kept on a server of another company and thus prevent their reading in any way. . Apps like Signal in these cases, they are becoming increasingly important.

This union struggle movement was inspired by the victory won by the same Starbucks workers who started at various establishments in Buffalo and New York to expand to more than 100 locations nationwide.

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