App version numbers disappear from Play Store

What do you want to know

  • The app version numbers seemed to have disappeared from the Google Play Store.
  • It’s unclear whether or not this was intentional on Google’s part, as the web version of the Play Store still shows app version numbers.
  • This is quite similar to the list of permissions previously removed and now returned by Google for apps on the Play Store.

Anything about an app is useful information, especially its version number, in case there are any issues with that particular version. At this time, it looks like Google has removed the version number from Play Store app entries, as 9to5Google pointed out. The first option that appears now is “Update on”, which lets users know when the latest update has arrived for the app they’re interested in.

It appears that the desktop version of the Play Store still displays this information, so it appears that this removal only affects those viewing the store from their Android phones. It also appears to display the version number of associated devices, such as smartwatches linked to your account.

This isn’t the first time Google has removed something from its Play Store. Recently, the Play Store lost the list of permissions. This was apparently done thanks to the new data security section on the Play Store, which allows developers to disclose information about how their apps collect and use data. However, the company reversed its decision to remove the permissions list, stating that it would return to the Play Store.

The company has also experimented with hiding the date an app was last updated.

Nevertheless, it is curious to remove the app version from the Play Store, as some users find this information useful for various reasons. It’s unclear whether this is an intentional move or just a bug with the Play Store, as 9to5Google speculates, given the presence of version numbers on the web version.

Android Central has contacted Google and will update this article when we get back to you.

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