Android Studio to Stop Updates for 32-Bit PCs This Year

16 years after the release of the first 64-bit x86 processor, the PC industry has taken steps to move away from the old 32-bit architecture. Many popular games and apps are dropping support for 32-bit processors, and Google today announced that 32-bit machines will no longer receive Android Studio updates soon.

“We are refining our product focus and will only support 64-bit operating systems in the future,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Using Android Studio with a 64-bit operating system allows efficient memory access for both the IDE and the Android emulator, and overall leads to a better development experience.”

Android Studio IDE 3.6 will be the last version to run on 32-bit systems, but Google will provide product support until December 31, 2020. After that date, official downloads will no longer be available and you will be on your own. Android 28.0.25 emulator will be the last 32-bit version and support for it ends on the same day.

This change is not likely to impact a lot of people Android Studio is a very demanding app to run, and many developers who use it on a daily basis no longer have a mid-2000s PC. This move is also part of Google’s larger plan to require all apps on the Play Store have 64-bit versions available, which takes effect in August of this year.

Source: Android Developers

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