Android Studio logo is revamped in the latest version

Google hosted the Android Developer Summit this week to unveil the latest tools for Android app developers and, quietly, the company also unveiled a new logo for Android Studio.

Yesterday’s summit brought a bunch of news for Android app development. This includes several updates to Jetpack Compose, the stable release of basic profile generation, and a detailed look at what Google wants Android apps to look like on foldables and tablets.

Spotted by our Dylan Roussel, the new Android Studio logo is a pretty big overhaul from the old one. The old design had a drawing compass in front of a plane with the Android logo pointing its head above it, while the new version ditches the plane and makes the compass look like an “A”.

It’s a simpler and more visually distinctive look.

Notably, this new look will not appear for all developers just Again.

For now, this change is attached to Android Studio Flamingo, the latest Canarian version of the tool that Google just came out yesterday. The current stable release of Android Studio remains true to the original design. It will probably be a few months before this new logo completely replaces the original, which means we probably won’t see it as the Android Studio logo until 2023.

Flamingo version of Android Studio adds several new featuresincluding IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 updates, improvements to Layout Inspector, configuring Network Inspector to show all traffic data for the full timeline by default, better app quality insights, new filters for research, etc.

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