Android Studio drops support for 32-bit systems this year


Google today announced that Android Studio will drop support for 32-bit PCs starting in 2020 as it moves to the more efficient 64-bit processing that has become widespread over the years.

As Google moves away from 32-bit processing, the company will end support for updates for the 32-bit version of Android Studio IDE 3.6 on December 31, 2019. From that point on, there will be a year of product support, Google pulling all support and download links on December 31, 2020. As for the Android emulator, it will be deprecated on 32-bit systems with version 28.0.25 from June 30, 2019. All support for this version will also expire at the end of 2020.

Google explains that running Android Studio on 64-bit versus 32-bit systems provides a “better development experience” with IDE and the Android emulator for “more efficient memory access.”

The timing for this also aligns with Google’s requirement for all Play Store apps to have 64-bit versions available. This requirement comes into effect in August of this year.

To this end, we are refining our product focus and will only support 64-bit operating systems in the future. Using Android Studio with 64-bit operating system allows efficient memory access for Android IDE and emulator, and overall leads to better development experience. While this change does not affect most Android Studio users, this change does impact if you are using 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. To make this transition easier for developers using 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, we want to give you details on the upcoming amortization schedule as well as the steps you need to take to be ready for this upcoming change.

To minimize the impact of this change to exclusive support for 64-bit operating systems, we’ll deprecate the 32-bit version first. During the amortization phase, Android Studio and the Android emulator will continue to work, but the products will not receive any new feature updates.

 32 bit android studio deprecation timeline

Google timeline for dropping 32-bit support

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