Android Studio Dolphin Beta is now available for download

Android Studio Dolphin has been in the Canaries for a while now. At its I/O Developer Conference today, Google finally graduated it to the beta channel and introduced a new version, named Electric Eel, to the Canary channel. The latest Beta and Canary releases of Android Studio bring a host of new features, such as the ability to display compositing animations in Animation Preview, resize the emulator for large-screen devices, Pair and control Wear OS emulators and launch tiles, watch faces, etc. directly from Android Studio, and more. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything new in the latest beta.

What’s new in the Android Studio Dolphin beta?

The first beta version of Android Studio Dolphin includes the following new features and improvements:

Composition of the Jetpack

Android Studio Dolphin Beta brings a few new features to the Jetpack Compose toolkit. With the latest release, developers will now be able to see all UI animations at once and coordinate them in the animation preview. They will also have the ability to freeze specific animations.

Android Studio Dolphin beta compositing animation coordination

Compose Animation Coordination

Additionally, developers will also be able to define an annotation class with multiple preview definitions and use this new annotation to generate previews at once. With this, a single annotation will help developers preview multiple devices, fonts, and themes simultaneously without repeating those definitions for each composable.

Android Studio Dolphin Multipreview beta annotations

Multiple preview annotations

Additionally, in the Android Studio Dolphin beta, developers will be able to view the number of recomposes for a Compose app in the Layout Inspector. They will also be able to see the recomposition count and skip count in the Component Tree and Attributes panels.

Wear the operating system

Android Studio Dolphin Beta also brings some improvements to the Wear OS emulator. It now has a new Wear OS emulator pairing wizard, which allows developers to see Wear devices in device manager and pair multiple watch emulators with a single phone. Unlike before, developers also won’t have to re-pair devices as often, as Android Studio will now remember pairings after being closed.

Dolphin Studio Beta Wear OS Android Emulator Pairing Wizard qwefubqwef

Wear OS Emulator Pairing Wizard

The Wear OS emulator is also getting a new side toolbar, which will allow developers to use Wear-specific emulator buttons that look and simulate physical buttons, including home buttons, palm buttons, and buttons. tilt buttons.

Dolphin Studio Beta Wear OS Android Emulator Sidebar

Wear OS emulator side toolbar

Android Studio Dolphin Beta also gets support for Wear OS Direct Surface Launch, allowing developers to run/debug configurations for Wear OS tiles, watch faces and complications and launch them directly from Android Studio.

development tools

Android Studio Dolphin Beta also gets a few new developer tools, including the ability to diagnose app issues faster with Logcat V2. Logcat V2 introduces new formatting that will make it easier for developers to parse useful information, split views to learn more at a glance, and give new syntax to filter logs.

Android Studio Dolphin Beta Logcat V2

Logcat V2

In the latest release, developers will also be able to describe virtual devices for automated testing and let Gradle handle SDK downloads, device provisioning, and configuration for test runtime and teardown. Gradle also brings smarter features, such as snapshot management, test caching, and test sharing.

Android Studio Dolphin Beta Managed Devices Gradle

Gradle Managed Devices

Finally, Gradle Managed Devices also introduces a new type of test device, called Automated Test Device. It optimizes devices for automated testing, reducing CPU and memory usage during test execution.

Download Android Studio Dolphin Beta

Android Studio Dolphin Beta is now available for download. You can get it by clicking on the following link and installing it side by side with the current stable version by following the instructions provided here. Google says the beta is close to the quality of the stable release, but bugs may still exist. If you have any problems, you can share your comments here.

Download Android Studio Dolphin Beta

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