Android Studio 3.2 Beta 5 released, with updated Protobuf Gradle plugin

Good news for Android developers; Android Studio 3.2 Beta 5 is now available and ready for download. This is the latest preview version of the beta channel.

Android Studio is the official Android IDE, specially designed for Android. It helps speed up app development and build the highest quality apps for every Android device.

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The last major version was Android 3.1.0 released in March 2018. The current stable version available is AndroidStudio 3.1.3. The latest preview version of the canary channel is Android Studio 3.3 Canary 3. The canary version is for experiencing the latest features which are lightly tested against the apps in the beta version.

What’s New in Android Studio 3.2 Beta 5 Update?

Changing behaviour

This version update now includes a minimum Protobuf Gradle plugin version of 0.8.6. This GradleComment Plugin compiles Protocol Buffer (aka. Protobuf) definition files (*.proto) into any project.

In addition to this change, some bug fixes in this Beta 5 release include:

  • Lines in the translation editor are now properly aligned after scrolling
  • Running another project using GradleBuild caused java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException: Attempting to unlock read lock, not locked by current thread. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Layout styles that incorrectly required API level 17 instead of 15 are now fixed.
  • Fixed Android Studio not correctly navigating to certain styles with error message: “Could not find declaration to access”.
  • Linter now correctly resolves some API level values.

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