Android Studio 2.0 Preview focuses on improved deployment speeds and more

Google is now giving developers the chance to preview tons of new features in the Android Studio 2.0 preview, which was just released earlier today. The big new feature of this updated preview release is speed, thanks to two new features Google is introducing to Android Studio: Instant Run and GPU Profiler. Let’s see what these new features offer.

The first is Instant Run, which will allow you to quickly see your changes running on your device or emulator. All new projects in Android Studio 2.0 will already have the feature enabled. If you already have an app in Android Studio, go to Settings/Preferences > Build > Runtime > Deployment > Instant Run. Once you have clicked Enable Instant Execution, you are ready. From there, click Course as usual and Android Studio will perform the normal build and install steps. Pressing Course will re-deploy your changes directly to the running application.

For a more detailed look at the new Instant Run feature, watch the video below:

Android Studio tutorial for beginners

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The next step is GPU Profiler, which will make profiling your OpenGL ES Android code much easier. It will show you details about GL status and commands, and allow you to record your entire session and browse the framebuffer and GL textures while your application is running OpenGL ES code.

All of these new features are now available in the Canary release channel, so Google can get your feedback. And since this first version is a preview, Google suggests Download and run an extra copy of Android Studio alongside your current version to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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