Android Photo Editor app from Google Play Store steals Facebook credentials, but remains active?

Google Play Store recently suffered from malicious apps. For this reason, security experts have advised consumers to check reviews, backgrounds, and other essential information of apps before installing them.

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Now, another Android app would steal users’ Facebook credentials. It is currently disguised as a photo editing app to trick consumers.

What makes this alarming is that the Google Play Store still hasn’t removed it from its platform yet. For now, the search engine giant has not said whether it will remove the malicious app.

At present, the photo editing application called “Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor” already has more than 5,000 downloads. If you haven’t installed it yet, here’s why you shouldn’t.

Is Google Play’s Android Editing App Really Dangerous?

According to Beeping computerlatest report, the malicious Android app may steal your Facebook credentials. It can do this since users are prompted to log into their FB accounts if they want to use the Android app.

Android Photo Editor app from Google Play Store steals Facebook credentials, but still remains active?

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On the other hand, researchers involved in cybersecurity explained that Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor contains malicious code similar to other malicious editor application.

Both require users to provide their Facebook accounts before they can access editing apps. At this time, the threat level of the new malicious application is not yet confirmed.

However, let’s assume that it is similar to recent malicious apps on Google Play Store. In this case, they may also use your sensitive FB information to access your payment information, especially if you link your credit or debit card to your account.

Recent malicious apps from Google Play Store

This is not the first time that a malicious app has targeted Android users on the Google Play Store. Wired reported that more than 200 apps were recently reported targeting around 10 million consumers.

Zimperium, a mobile security company, explained that the previous massive hacking campaign had affected Android users since 2020. One of them is the so-called GriftHorse.

At present, Google is still improving the security features of its Play Store. But it would still be a long time before online attackers were completely prevented from publishing their malicious apps to the platform.

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