5 new features coming soon to Android from Google

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Android experience, then you’re in luck. Google announced on Friday (September 9) several new features which will soon be introduced for Android users.

Here are five of the upcoming features you can expect:

Similar to AirDrop from Apple, Android Share Nearby will allow users to share photos, videos or entire folders between nearby Android devices.

The feature is expected to roll out in the coming weeks for devices running Android 6 and later, allowing users to effortlessly transfer files to their Google account-connected Android devices.

Content that can be shared to nearby Android devices includes photos, links, documents, or even a WiFi password. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE

Users will be able to access the feature even without any access to an internet service as the Nearby Sharing feature relies on a variety of connection technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, UWB and WebRTC.

The update also allows users to automatically transfer files from one device to another, even when their screens are turned off.

Having trouble finding emojis for texting? Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, will soon intelligently suggest emojis based on your text.

Users will now be able to click emojis based on suggestions, which will make them easier as they won’t have to search for the right emojis before sending a text. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE

After typing a phrase, users can click the Emojify button to select their preferred layout before sending the emojis to their friends.

Google will also introduce redesigned widgets for Google Drive and Keep to make multitasking easier for users.

Along with an updated Google Drive widget, three home screen buttons will provide direct access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets files.

As for Google Keep, a larger widget makes it easier for users to take notes, create lists, and set reminders for upcoming events.

Besides the Emojify button through Gboard which can be used for text messaging, Google will also add new shared experiences on Google Meet.

The Live Sharing feature aims to bring people together through video calls as a way to connect with friends and family. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE

The live sharing feature, which will be rolling out to Android phones and tablets, allows users to co-watch YouTube videos and play classic games such as UN! Mobile, Kahoot! Where Heads up! up to 100 people at a time.

Along with the live sharing feature, a multi-pinning feature will also be introduced on Google Meet, allowing users to pin multiple times during calls and stay focused on a specific group of people in larger group settings.

With new Android sound notifications, you will receive alerts on your Android device when sounds such as fire alarms, running water or door knocking are detected.

Although the feature was originally designed to help people with hearing loss, it may also be useful for those who temporarily cannot hear due to injury or who wear earplugs and hearing aids. listeners.

Users can receive real-time notifications of sounds detected around their Android devices. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE

To use this feature, users need to record their washing machine’s jingle after a cycle has finished, and the Android device can then alert you if that sound is heard by their device.

Other devices, such as Wear OS by Google smartwatches, can also receive sound notifications. Users can receive alerts via SMS notifications with wrist vibrations whenever an important sound is detected by their phone, so they can stay informed even while they sleep.

Additionally, Google TV will also offer audio descriptions to help make TV shows and movies more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

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